Betsie ten Boom-Hero and Righteous Among the Nations

History of Sorts


On this day 75 years ago a real Hero died.

Betsie ten Boom died in Ravensbruck on 16 December 1944, at the age of 59. Sge ended up in Ravensbruück for one reason and one reason only, She died because she did the righteous and decent thing. Together with her family she hid  numerous Jews and members of the Dutch resistance.

Many others looked away and did nothing, she did not and could not. Despite illness and mistreatment she always looked for the best in circumstances.

She was a member of  the Dutch Reformed Church and strongly believed that all man were equal in the eyes of God.She remained steadfast in that believe untill the day she died.

Rather then write a whole story about Betsie, and I easily could, I feel this hero deserves more then that. That’s why I am asking everyone who reads this to do their…

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