Identifying evil

History of Sorts

concentration_camp_victim_identifies_camp_guard_original (1)

What a tremendous feeling it must have been to accuse and identify  those who committed awful crimes, without the fear of retaliation. Probably it wasn’t even out of revenge but with a feeling of getting justice done.

On the other side how panicking it must have been for those criminals when the finger was pointed at them.Unfortunately we know that the majority of them still got away with no or lenient sentences.

The above picture depicts a liberated Russian inmate pointing an identifying and accusing finger at a Nazi guard who was especially cruel towards the prisoners in Buchenwald camp.There’s something really fascinating about this picture. We can only see so much of the prisoner’s expression here, but that finger means so much. Days, maybe even hours earlier, that prisoner might have been afraid to cross paths with or even make eye contact with this man.

A survivor drags a former concentration…

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