Forgotten History-The Japanese invasion of the USA.

History of Sorts

kiska japan invasion alaska japanese forgotten battle 26(Painting by Artist Tomoharu Mikami-)

“Hang on” I hear you all say “The US was never invaded by Japan, Or was it?”

Well yes and no , not all of the US  was invaded but technically Japanese troops did set foot on American soil.

In the early morning of 6 June 1942, 500 Japanese soldiers landed on Kiska, one of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.
They took the only inhabitants of the island, a ten man (and six dog) US Navy Weather Detachment by complete surprise and quickly took control of American soil.


Kiska Aerological Unit, Dec. 1941 – May,  1942

“Explosion”  (dog, in front)

Frt row – McCandless, J.C. (Cook 3c); Christensen, R. (RdM 2/c); Winfrey, W.M. (AG 2/c); Palmer, G.T. (S 1/c); Gaffey, W.T. (S 1/c)

Back row – Turner, J.L. (AG 2/c); Coffield, R.L. (PharM); House, W.C. (AG 1/c); Nulla (Lt?); Eckles, L.L. (GunM); Yagnoneli, L (PhotoM); Courntenay…

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