William Herschel-11 January 1787

Many people think that space exploration only started in the 20th century, but in fact it started centuries before.

The first telescope was said to be invented in 1608 in the Netherlands by an eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey..

Ever since that time there have been many scientists who made it their life’s work to investigate what is out there in that vast universe. William Herschel was one of those scientists. Herschel was a a German-born British[3] astronomer and composer.

I won’t be going to deep into his work in this blog, because I will do a follow up soon. However since today is the 234th anniversary of his discovery of 2 of Uranus’s moons. Six years after he had first discovered Uranus.


Oberon , also designated Uranus IV

As I mentioned earlier he was also a composer..

This is William Herschel’s Symphony No.17, in C major. Played by London Mozart Players.


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Source NASA

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