Mundane Evil

History of Sorts


I found it difficult to find a suitable title for this blog but I think Mundane Evil probably describes it best. The picture is a list of belongings of an inmate of Auschwitz.

Unfortunately I can’t make out the first name , but the last name is Ludwig, however it also could be the first name, in Germany and other European countries the last name is often put first on official documents.

What makes this document so chilling is its mundane nature the title is “Directory of belongings of the estate” Above the title it gives the date of birth 23 July 1912 and the date of death February 2 1941.

It is not clear who this person was but it we do know the items he had when he went in to Auschwitz.

1 Suitcase

1 Hat

1 Coat

1 Jacket

I Pair of trousers

1 Vest

2 Shirts

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