WWII The aftermath-Part 2

History of Sorts

After_World_War_2 (2)

World War II ended in May 1945 in Europe and August 1945 in the Pacific, but the effects of the war was felt long afterwards.

It can even be argued that the effects can even be noticed today.

The picture above is of Soviet soldiers with lowered standards of the defeated Nazi forces during the Victory Day parade in Moscow, on June 24, 1945.

Below are just some pictures of the aftermath of WWII.

Emaciated, but happy at their release from Japanese captivity, two Allied prisoners of war pack their meager belongings, after being freed near Yokohama, Japan, on September 11, 1945, by men of an American mercy squadron of the U.S. Navy.

After_World_War_2 (3)

Ethnic Germans from the Sudetenland  make their way to the railway station in Liberec, in former Czechoslovakia, to be transferred to Germany  July, 1946 photo. After the end of the war, millions of German nationals and ethnic Germans…

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