Albert Göring-the Good Göring.

History of Sorts


When you hear a name you often automatically associate that name with the history of that name, especially when it is a famous or infamous name.

When you associate this name with evil then often the assumption is made that every one carrying that name is evil also, but many times nothing could be further from the truth.

The famous Reichmarshal Hermann Goering aided Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and for years he was second in importance only to Hitler in The Third Reich. As founder of the Gestapo, Hermann Goering was instrumental in creating the first concentration camps for political dissidents and a prominent leader of the final solution, the murder of 6.000.000 Jews. Next to Hitler the man who played the largest part in the shaping of the Nazi inferno.


But his younger brother Albert Goering loathed all of Nazism’s inhumanity and at the risk of his career, fortune and…

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