How crazy were the Nazis?-Nazis and the Occult.

History of Sorts

Reichsparteitag, Rede Adolf Hitlers

Heinrich Himmler must have been without a shadow of a doubt one of the craziest of the Nazis. He had a bizarre fascination for the occult.

Karl Maria Wiligut had been one of Himmler’s closest influancers relating to the occult of the Aryan and Germanic race.

404654Karl Maria Wiligut (alias Weisthor, Jarl Widar, Lobesam) (10 December 1866,Vienna, Austria – 3 January 1946, Arolsen, Germany) was an Austrian Occultist and SS-Brigadeführer.

He had claimed that the Aryan race had been around for 285,000 years, dating back when there were 3 Suns and the planet was inhabited by Giants, dwarfs and other mythical creatures ,he alsorevealed himself as bearer of a secret line of German kingship.One thing that Himmler didn’t find out until later was that Willigut had been a patient in a mental hospital. His wife had him committed .While in a cafe with some friends, on 29 November 1924, Wiligut…

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