and again (an erotic poem)


*This blog contains erotic subject matter.

I’ve recently taken up erotic poetry and I’m enjoying it but I’m finding it more difficult to gauge. This is one of my lighter pieces. Let me know your thoughts, please.

I am driven by the sight of you
By thought alone
what I would do to you
given the chance
Actions speaking louder
than any given word, and
any word you have not heard

I imagine the length of your body
running hot beneath
my cooler touch, but I promise you
the heat of my convictions
Through the slippery slivers of my fingers
you would shudder in full release
a touch you have never known
a touch that sings to your past
and promises your future

My curved body, a soft sanctuary
of every known discipline
I would discipline you
I would exorcise your demons
repeatedly as needed, coming
back again
and again

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