Forgotten History- The Jadu concentration camp.

History of Sorts


Conditions worsened for the Jews of Libya after the passage of Italy’s Manifesto of Race in 1938.


Following the German intervention in 1941, some of the Jews of Libya were sent to camps in continental Europe, where those who survived stayed until the end of World War


Italian Libya had two large Jewish communities, one in the western district of Tripolitania, and mainly in its capital Tripoli, and the other in the eastern district of Barka (Cyrenaica) and its capital Benghazi. During the Holocaust hundreds of Jews died of starvation.With approximately 40,000 Jews living in Libya before the war, as a result of the later Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries, there are few to no Jews left in the country today.

Jadu(aka Jado) was the site of an Italian concentration camp during the Second World War.In 1942, about 2,000 Jews  and other peoples, who were considered undesirables, were…

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