Dr. Johann Paul Kremer-Auschwitz Physician and diarist.

History of Sorts


Johann Paul Kremer (26 December 1883 – 8 January 1965) was a professor of anatomy and human genetics at Münster University who joined the Wehrmacht on May 20, 1941. He served in the SS in the Auschwitz concentration camp as a physician from 30 August 1942 to 18 November 1942.

Dr. Johann Paul Kremer was sent to Auschwitz as a replacement physician in the late summer of 1942. Despite secrecy requirements, Kremer kept a diary in which he describes the “special actions” he observed at Auschwitz. After the war in Europe was over, Dr. Kremer was arrested. Following a trial, he was found guilty of war crimes and was sentenced to death (although the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment).Kremer received notoriety for his diary, which recounted mundane day to day activities interspersed with entries of his witnessing murder and depravity through gassings and special actions.

All SS doctors were…

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