Why them?

History of Sorts


I find it very hard to fathom any of the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime, but the one thing that gets to me most is the murder of children.

They did not pose any threat or any kind of danger, neither did their parents, but the children had no option to defend themselves.

They weren’t even led like lambs to the slaughter, because at least there is a purpose to slaughtered lambs. These children were killed because of some warped ideology that did not see them as human beings and often not even as animals.

In this blog are some pictures of children, no names, just the images of children.No graphic pictures. Their innocence will tell the story.

Followed by a poem I wrote to remember them.

1389.4 Holocaust Eeb39e51686f830a4f80d01b76a2a9c33--holocaust-children-the-holocaust3boyswithsoup


Little child, you are someone’s treasure, a product of love.

You are born like any other child, no burden nor danger are…

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