Hoffmann,photographing the freak Hitler.

History of Sorts


Heinrich Hoffmann was a Nazi politician but also was Adolf Hitler’s official photographer.He was also part of the Nazi propaganda machine.

The one thing that always intrigued me is why did a man who was so close to Hitler mot see what freak he was dealing with. He must have seen that the man was clearly delusional. When he was developing the photographs in his dark room did he not see the bizarre behaviour, or was he so filled with hate and brainwashed by the Nazi ideology that he didn’t want to see.

Below are just some examples. If I wouldn’t know better and if I didn’t know who Hitler was I would have thought that these were pictures of a lunatic, a freak.


Even his fashion sense should have rung alarm bells


Really wearing a swim hat in a car!


Of course we shouldn’t make light of the evil that…

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