Forgotten History-Roma Holocaust Victims

History of Sorts


A group of holocaust victims that are often forgotten are the Roma  Gypsies. Til this day people are still prejudice against them and I am not denying that I also am slightly prejudice towards them without any real reason because I really don’t know that many of them. Maybe it’s because a lot of European citizens dislike the Gypsies and have done so for decades, and I believe we really should start thinking twice about this otherwise we will not have learned from the past.

It is extremely difficult to locate sources about the Roma people in the Holocaust like those widely available about Jewish victims, which may reflect the difference between a literate culture and a largely illiterate one. It is known that perhaps 250,000 to 500,000 Roma were killed and that, proportionately, they suffered greater losses than any other group of victims except Jews.

Romani (commonly but incorrectly…

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