Pure innocence

History of Sorts


I have literally seen thousands of graphic Holocaust pictures. At the start they really had an effect on me, physically they made me sick.

However such is the human psyche that after a while you get desensitized by them. They still upset you but not to the same extend as they did before.

But looking into the vivid eyes of pure innocent lives like the eyes of Zsuszanna Kovari have such a profound effect. Those beautiful eyes are so haunting that they leave a lasting mark.

Zsuszanna Kovari  was born 1942 in Szatmarnementi, Romania. She was murdered on May 25, 1944 at Auschwitz-Birkenau, She was only 2.

Two, the same number of words to describe her “Pure Innocence”

Pure, not tainted by the sick ideology that caused her death

Innocence, was  her only ‘crime’.

Regardless on what your policies of hate are. If you kill pure innocence like that, you…

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