Forgotten Histories WW2 Miracles

History of Sorts


This edition of Forgotten Histories is about 2 Miracles which happened during WW2 and have gone unnoticed for many.

The 1st one was a miracle in the divine sense of the word. On the 9th of April about 250 parishioners attended a mass in the  The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Mosta, in Malta when suddenly the alarms rang out. Some parishioners decided to seek shelter in a safe place,however quite a few stayed in the church to say prayers.

Two bombs fell on the church, the first one pierced the dome and fell on the church floor where the second one, cleared the left side of the triangle on top of the church’s facade.Neither of the bombs exploded. The bomb that pierced the Dome still is on display in the church as a constant reminder of the Miracle of the Mosta Dome. The picture above is a…

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