The Nurses of WWII -the forgotten Heroes

History of Sorts

Women_during_World_War_II (25)

The myth that men are the stronger sex has already been disperses many times, Women have a more stamina, a higher pain level and sometimes are physically even stronger. It is true that they never have to suffer the Manflu but that is about it.

It was never more true then during WWII.Physically they may not necessarily have been stronger but mentally they were and especially the Nurses who not only have to deal with horrific injuries, they also had to be comforters to those whose lives had been turned upside down,often in a split second.This blog is a tribute to the forgotten heroes, the angels of WWII.

A nurse wraps a bandage around the hand of a Chinese soldier as another wounded soldier limps up for first aid treatment during fighting on the Salween River front in Yunnan Province, China, on June 22, 1943.

Women_during_World_War_II (17)

With some of New York’s…

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