Just following orders

History of Sorts

The words”Just following orders” together with “Arbeit macht frei” are probably the worst words ever to be used in history.

“Just following orders” was used as justification by those who committed the most evil crimes against humanity. And alas they are still used nowadays for the same purpose.

But why did regular and ordinary citizens do the things they did. I don’t buy the whole “Just following orders” argument there must be more to it. I think it gave them a chance to have power over another human being. It made them feel important in their otherwise mundane and boring lives.

Let’s take a look at a few of these ‘Ordinary Citizens’

whowerethey_dAnthony Sawoniuk

whowerethey_d (2)

As a boy, Anthony Sawoniuk earned money running errands for Jews on the Sabbath.

In 1941, his home town of Domaczewo (then part of Poland, now in Belarus) was captured by the Nazis. He volunteered to…

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