History of Sorts


When you think of it, time is such a bizarre concept.
It can be measured in an exact set of parameters, years,months,weeks,days,hours,minutes,seconds and even milli and nanoseconds.
Yet when you lose someone you love, a day can seem like a year, and a year can seem like a day. Time goes fast and slow in equal measures.
When you sit in a cinema and watch a movie you really enjoy, those two hours appear to have passed in minutes. Equally in that same cinema when you watch a movie you hate, those 2 hours go on and on, there seems to be no end in sight, time has slowed down.
A match you have been looking forward to for ages can fly by in seconds or appear to last for an eternity depending on what side you’re on , the winning or losing.
Standing outside a locked toilet,when you…

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