Free Arabian Legion and the Free Indian Legion.

History of Sorts

It is a well known fact that it wasn’t only Germans that fought for the Wehrmacht, but it is a lesser know fact that there were Muslim and Indian units fighting for Hitler.

Free Arabian Legion was a military unit formed from Arab volunteers from the Middle East and North Africa during World War II.

It was created by Amin al-Husseini and Rashid Ali when they suggested the formation of an army of Arab volunteers, which was adopted by Adolf Hitler in 1941.


The Free Arabian Legion provided an opportunity for German blacks who wanted to fight for the Reich. (It could be argued that the Wehrmacht was an equal opportunity employer)

Griechenland, Soldaten der "Legion Freies Arabien"

The unit was based on a smaller force, commanded by Hellmuth Felmy, mainly to assist the Pro-Nazi revolt in Iraq which was suppressed by the British. The unit was first settled in Syria and included several Iraqi expatriates, and Syrian…

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