Forgotten History- Dr. Carl Clauberg Experiments

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The notorious Heinrich Himmler himself ordered a Nazi doctor to artificially inseminate concentration camp prisoners though various experimental methods. Dr. Carl Clauberg artificially inseminated about 300 women at Auschwitz, who were strapped down and taunted mercilessly. Clauberg told his victims that he had used animal sperm to create a monster inside of them.


Carl Clauberg (28 September 1898 – 9 August 1957) was a German medical doctor who conducted medical experiments on human subjects (mainly Jewish) in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. He worked with Horst Schumann in X-ray sterilization experiments at Auschwitz concentration camp

In 1942 Viktor Brack — director of T4 murder operation — wrote a letter to Heinrich Himmler stating,

“I am of the opinion that out of approx. 10 million European Jews at least 2–3 million men and women will be fit for work and should be kept alive. . . Of course this…

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  1. historiebuff says:

    He was the monster.


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