Little Known WW2 Facts-Part 5

History of Sorts

At the time of Pearl Harbor, the top US Navy command was called CINCUS (pronounced “sink us”), the shoulder patch of the US Army’s 45th Infantry division was the swastika, and Hitler’s private train was named “Amerika”. All three were soon changed for PR purposes.

40,000 men served on U-Boats during World War 2; 30,000 never returned


German Me-264 bombers were capable of bombing New York City but it wasn’t worth the effort.


Japan and Russia still haven’t signed a peace treaty to end World War II due to the
Kuril Islands dispute.

Queen Elizabeth II served as a mechanic and driver in World War II.The Queen – who served with the Number 1 ‘Beaufront’ Company, Auxiliary Territorial Service.


The Paris Mosque helped Jews escape the Nazis by giving them Muslim IDs


The most notable case of the mosque refuge was Simon Hilali, a Sephardic Jew who survived the Holocaust…

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  1. historiebuff says:

    The JFK carved coconut message is on display at the JFK Library.I saw it. 


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