Their crime was to earn an honest living .

History of Sorts

The Nazis told so many lies about the Jews in order to justify their deportations and murder to the wider population. One of the lies was to the Jews were an economical threat, they were all very wealthy and lazy.

Yes there were some wealthy Jews but not more then in any other group of people. Like anyone else the Dutch Jews were trying to make a living, more then often they weren’t sure if they would earn any money.

These documents are permits to sell goods on a market. Aside from the actual permit these people had one other thing in common. They were all murdered in Auschwitz on October 1,1942. The permit at the start of the blog belonged to:

Gerrit van der Woude :Amsterdam, 15 January 1883 – Auschwitz, 1 October 1942 and his wife Heintje van der Woude-Mouwes:Amsterdam, 12 september 1877 – Auschwitz, 1 oktober 1942

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  1. historiebuff says:

    Just people like you and me. That was a very profound statement that most folks don’t think about. Those murder victims were like any other group of people.


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