Am Spiegelgrund clinic-the killing of Children

History of Sorts


The most vulnerable in society are children and even more vulnerable the children with a disability. They deserve love and care more then anyone else.

However the Nazi regime had a different philosophy. To them these poor souls were the impure and undesirable and there was no space for them in the Third Reich.

Am Spiegelgrund was the name of a children’s clinic in Vienna where hundreds of children were killed under the Nazi Regime Children’s Euthanasia Program.


 “Am Spiegelgrund” in Vienna, a psychiatric hospital noted for its“special children’s ward” opened in July 1940 and served as one of the largest children’s killing centers until May 1945. Close to 800 children were murdered by doctors and nurses.

The clinic’s medical directors were Prof. Dr. Erwin Jekelius (until early 1942) and Dr. Ernst Illing (since 1942), and responsible for the “special children’s ward” were Dr. Heinrich Gross,  a psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Margarethe Hübsch…

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  1. impcinder says:

    Sick, sick adults.  May the murdered angels have a very special place in heaven.Cindi

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