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Poetry Partners #16

A blitz poem by Kunjal of ‘Duo Disseminators’

Come now.
Come quick.
Quick child.
Quick to pick.
Pick your will.
Pick cheap.
Cheap racket.
Cheap thrill
Thrill ride.
Thrills in count.
Count anything.
Count everything.
Everything is much.
Everything busts.
Bust sale.
Bust on picks.
Pick there.
Pick and steal!
Steal from her.
Steal- arms hurt.
Hurt is painful.
Hurt my eyes.
Eyes are stable.
Eye next aisle
Aisles crowded
Aisles offer much.
Much rendered.
Much to embroil
Embroil to forget?
Embroil a bite
Bite in food.
Bite to fight.
Fight another day!
Fight the lady beside!
Lady at the bar.
Lady like.
Like to hate.
Liking not…
Not much.
Not fine.
Fine by me.
Fine choice.
Choice it is.
Choice befuddle.
Befuddle the world.
Befuddled by costs.
Costs your thumb.
Costs a poem!

A pantoum by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’

Thumbing noses…

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