Christmas during WWII

History of Sorts


During this festive season it’s time to look at how Christmas was celebrated during the darkest era of mankind.

It’s amazing that at the height of the war the all time best selling Christmas song was first released. From the movie ‘Holiday Inn’ White Christmas

Below are some pictures of Christmas celebrations during WWII

Christmas Dinner

36aa5be6bd105feb53c474e88837c096German Christmas

german-soldiers-gathered-around-a-glowing-christmas-tree-on-early-world-war-ii-christmas-eveThe Allied troops

wwii-era-christmas-card-sent-by-the-2nd-new-zealand-expeditionary-force-middle-east56c643d2fc958f4a8af12daaa4cdbc56Christmas relief the army as Santa

article-2513866-19ccf46000000578-142_634x422christmasunderthegun-giandkChristmas Greetings

world-war-twoSanta Claus


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