Steps-Just a thought on life

Life is not a race. You take one step at a time.

Sometimes it may mean you have to take a few steps back or down.

For as long as you are on that journey called life, you are ok.

Life is not fair, and not always easy. But no one ever said that it would be.

Remember the harder the struggle, the bigger the reward.

Life might not be easy, but that doesn’t mean it is bad.

A few years ago I walked up those steps. It was quite a journey and when I looked up I couldn’t see where exactly I was going. When I got to the top and turned around. I witnessed that amazing view.

Such is life when you keep going, you don’t always see what is ahead of you, But then when you get a time to look back you see what you have achieved thus far and how beautiful it is.

Live life



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