World War II in the Netherlands from a German Perspective

Karl Rauscher was part of the German Air Force, the Luftwaffe. Specifically from the so-called Werftabteilung; tasked with the repair and scrapping of downed aircraft. Before the war, he had been a professional photographer

During the war years, he was stationed in a large number of European countries. He took nearly 1500 photographs in those countries.

These are some photographs he took while in the Netherlands.

In 1940, Rauscher’s division was stationed for a few months at the Fliegerhorst Schellingwoude, Amsterdam.

The original caption reads: “Amsterdam”
Rauscher and some members of his division are visiting the city of Amsterdam.

Rauscher and some members of his division are visiting the city of Amsterdam. Koningsplein towards the Spui.

The original caption reads: “Ju88 Absturz Schellinwade, November 1940“
A Junker 88 has crashed. Rauscher’s team is responsible for its salvage. During the occupation, Schellingwoude was a support point for seaplanes of the German Kriegsmarine for laying sea mines and rescuing crashed pilots. The artificial island of Zeeburg, located in the IJmond to the east of Amsterdam, was designed as a small camouflaged fortress until 1945. This so-called Fliegerhorst Schellingwoude was developed into the largest base for seaplanes and boats in the Netherlands.

Captioned “Horst”

Also captioned “Horst”

The original caption reads: “Volendam, 1940”
Rauscher and some members of his division visit the city of Volendam.


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