Michel Polak and Mirjam Brilleman- 1 year old and 8 month old enemies of the state.

History of Sorts

There are no pictures of Michel Polak and Mirjam Brilleman.

There is only a picture of one the place they were murdered. Auschwitz and more then likely Auschwitz-Birkenau.

There are no pictures of the 2 children because they were born on November 20,1941 in Amsterdam. The Nazis already had a tight grip on Dutch society at that time. The live of Jews had already been made difficult and they were denied a great number of luxury items. The parents of both kids probably could not afford a camera or were simply not allowed to have one.

There were still professional photographers, but many Jews just wanted to keep a low profile.

Mirjam Brilleman was murdered on July 23, 1942 aged 8 months

Michel Polak was murdered May 21.1943 in Sobibor aged 1.

Never Forget what hate can do.

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