Margareta Maria Gallinat—Just One of the Evil Ones

I am not going to say too much about Margareta Maria Gallinat. Suffice it to say she sought employment abroad to terrorize innocent citizens.

She was born in Ragnitz on 16 October 1894 in Rotsche Bach, Hamar.

In April 1940, Gallinat read a newspaper ad for Aufseherin and decided to apply. Two months later, she started in Ravensbrück and worked there until the summer of 1943, eventually becoming deputy Oberaufseherin.

From September 1943 to 1 July 1944, she was appointed SS-Oberaufseherin in the Vught transit camp and served as head of the Female Prisoners’ Division.

There are no records of the crimes she committed, but at least 749 men, women and children died in Vught, also known as Herzogenbusch, due to hunger, sickness and abuse. Of those, 329 were murdered at the execution site just outside the camp.

Margarete was complicit in these crimes. She applied for the position, initially in Ravensbrück and later in Vught.


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