The Lords and the Ladies of the Castle.

History of Sorts

I had done two blogs about these children before, but because it is such an uplifting story I decided to revisit it once again, I also came across a few new pictures.

Hoensbroek Castle, one of the largest castles in the Netherlands, was used from December 23, 1942 as a children’s home for 120 children under the government guardianship. They came from the Meerzicht children’s home in the dunes near Velsen, which was led by the Congregation of Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus. For the construction of the Atlantikwal by the Germans, many buildings had to make way, including the children’s home. Hoensbroek was liberated by the American army on September 18, 1944. The children remained in the castle until May 1946, where NSB and SS men were also housed after the liberation.

The tiny Dutch children, (no more than three years old), entertaining G.I.’s in the grounds of…

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