Victims of 9/11

History of Sorts

I could fill this blog with the horrendous pictures of that day, or of the “Where were you on 9/11 stories?”, But we have all seen the pictures numerous times. And to where you were that day? I leave that up to yourselves to reminisce on that.

I rather focus on the victims today. This is a list of all the victims including their ages. These people were all in the World Trade Center, Pentagon or on the planes on that day

3 David Brandhorst Los Angeles CA USA UA Flight 175 253
3 Christine Hanson Groton MA USA UA Flight 175 1059
4 Juliana Valentine McCourt New London CT USA UA Flight 175 1646
17 Jeffrey M. Chairnoff Employee Sandler O’Neill World Trade Center 382
18 Richard Pearlman New York NY USA Volunteer medic Forest Hills Ambulance Corps World Trade…

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