Les Morts Dansant

History of Sorts

Les Morts Dansant is a 1984 song by Magnum. from their classic album “On a Storytellers night” The song was initially called “Cannon”, this Tony Clarkin composition is about one of the horrors of war. In World War I, a surprising – some would say disgraceful – number of British soldiers were executed by firing squad for cowardice. Many of these men were in fact suffering from shell shock.

Although it is about World War I, I believe it applies to all wars, past and present.

” Cannons roared, in the valley they thundered
While the guns lit up the night
Then it rained and both sides wondered
Who is wrong and who is right?

On the wire like a ragged old scarecrow
Bloody hands and broken back
When they fire, see him pirouette solo
Jump in time to the rat-a-tat

What a night though it’s one of seven

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