The softer side of World War Two

A Dutch child for each knee.
Private Murray T. Poznac of Newark, New Jersey, U.S. Signal Corps photographer with the First Allied Airborne Army in the Netherlands, holds a little Dutch boy and a little Dutch girl on his knees after Allied forces liberated Nijmegen, the Netherlands, September 20, 1944. American airborne troops and soldiers of the British Second Army joined forces in Nijmegen for the first linkup in the Netherlands.

American soldier with Dutch children in traditional costume.

Dutch children entertain U.S. soldiers.
Dutch children entertain with dances in national costume on the grounds of meated Hoensbroek Castle, the Netherlands, for U.S. soldiers stationed in the Area. Roman Catholic nuns tok care of 145 children living in the castle. The children, mostly around three years old, expressed with dances and games their appreciation for the kindness of American soldiers who visited them.

Dutch children during the liberation.

A military vehicle with children and a girl and a soldier on it. The place is unknown.

A soldier stands between two young women, each holding a bunch of flowers. The place is unknown.

On the Rademarkt in Groningen, a young woman climbed barefoot on a Canadian tank.

Three small children and a Polish soldier are standing by a house, in Groningen , the Netherlands. On the back of the photo is written ‘Zegnamy holederskich przyjaciol’.


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