The Crow and the Eclipse

The crow rests for a while. He is tired. He witnesses something strange. it is daytime but yet it is getting dark.

Not too long ago he would be upset by this, but he has seen a lot more he can’t explain recently.

Following a train during one of his flights, hoping to perhaps find some scraps of food thrown out of the windows by the passengers.

This train is different. It usually carries cattle, but not today.

Today it carries women, men, babies, and old age pensioners, Where is it going? The crow decides to follow it.

In the distance, he can see some buildings. He thinks that is where the train is going. He is right, the train stops, and the people are taken out. Some are shot because they are too slow to get out, He sees so much fear, but he also sees hate from those in uniforms.

The crow sees other buildings, some have a chimney.

He sees a group of the passengers of the trains he followed, going towards the buildings with the chimney.

He flies back to where the train stopped, to see where the other people went. He can’t see them near the train, where did they go? He decides to fly around a bit. He sees some of the other passengers, they are in some sort of camp. The crow thinks, that maybe they are on a holiday, but not a nice one.

He flies back to one of the buildings with a chimney. He sees ashes coming out of the ashes, So much ash. It eclipses the light.

There is a silence, a very scary and eerie silence. The crow’s instinct tells him not to stay. This is not a place for holidays, this is a place of death.

The crow now looks at the darkness again that surrounds him, he realizes that this is only a temporary and partial darkness. An eclipse of a part of the sun. He also knows that at the place where the train stopped that no amount of sunlight would help those people, they were surrounded by permanent darkness.

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