Holocaust in the Netherlands.

History of Sorts

During World War II, Jewish citizens in the Netherlands were isolated and subjected to discrimination and persecution by the National Socialists and their associates. Most of them did not survive the war. More than 102,000 Jews from the Netherlands were deported and murdered during the Holocaust.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence to have survived from this period are photographs of the victims.

By the summer of 1943 most of the Jews in the Netherlands had been deported. By the time the last transport left in September 1944 a total of 107,000 Jews had been deported to the extermination camps. Only 5,000 of them returned after the war. More than 75% of Dutch Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. This was the highest amount, per capita, in all of the occupied countries.

The large number and percentage of Jewish victims in the Netherlands compared with for example, Belgium…

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