Nineteen Trains Westerbork-Sobibor

History of Sorts

In 1943, 19 trains left Westerbork for Sobibor. Over 34.000 men, women en children from The Netherlands made this journey. Not knowing where they would go, thinking they would be resettled. Most these people were all murdered within a five-month time span, after arriving in Sobibor. Only 18 people out of all these Dutch transports to Sobibor survived the war.

On March 2, 1943, the first train with 1105 people departed from Westerbork camp to Sobibor. After a journey of three days, the train arrived on March 5.

The last train that left Westerbork for Sobibor left Westerbork on Tuesday, July 20, 1943. This was transport 19. In the cattle cars, there were 2209 men, women and children. No survivors.

I am not able to tell the stories of all 34,000 victims, but I can tell the story of a few of them.

Catherina Veffer-Appelboom arrived in Westerbork on 23…

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