NewSong – The Christmas Shoes

I know I am going to lose a lot of credibility here, and probably rightfully so. This song has appeared on the worst Christmas songs list for several years in a row. It was also covered by Dutch singer Rene Froger, that alone should be enough for me to hate the song. But I can’t help it by I just do love this song.

“The Christmas Shoes,” which recounts a little boy trying to get enough money to buy shoes for his terminally ill mother. Nothing kills the holiday mood quite like the lyric “Could you hurry, sir, Daddy says there’s not much time.”

The song recounts the events experienced the story teller completing the last of his gift shopping on Christmas Eve. He is waiting in a checkout line but is “not really in the Christmas mood” when he notices a young boy in front of him who wants to buy a pair of shoes for his terminally-ill mother: the boy tells the cashier he wants her to appear beautiful when she meets Jesus. Since he is short on money, the narrator ends up paying for the shoes, which reminds him of the true meaning of Christmas.

Yes, I know it’s bad and a tearjerker but hey I can’t help it.



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