Just a Girl

Just a girl, not a soldier or a politician.

Just a girl, the only threat she posed is that one day her smiley face would melt someone’s heart.

Just a girl, no hate to be seen in her eyes.

Just a girl, the only wish she had was to grow up.

Just a girl, just a girl, just a girl.

A girl with no political agenda

A girl with no weapons

A girl whose life was cut short.

A girl who could not even blow out eight candles on a birthday cake.

A girl who was hated and feared by idiots who did not recognize her value.

A girl who was murdered.

Just a girl, a sister and a daughter

Just a girl who is now an eternal memory. She has a place among the stars.

Sarah Eva Vleeschhouwer
Born in Rotterdam on 1 September 1936. Murdered in Auschwitz, on 11 February. She reached the age of seven years.




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