Merry Christmas

Maybe we should be thinking about the gifts we’ve already received this year, rather than the presents we will be giving or getting this Christmas.
A gift isn’t always something that makes you feel good or happy. Sometimes it’s the opposite that is true, but what makes it a gift is the value it adds to your life.

Even the loss of someone near can be a gift, the physical entity might be gone, but the memories will last a lifetime.

This year reflect on what is really important, family, friendships, and health.
The song of a bird is a gift, it tells you that you can still hear.
The sunrise and sunset are gifts, it indicates you can still see and feel the warmth.
Even pain can be a gift because it tells you, you can still feel.
This year value those who value you and let go of those who don’t.
And above everything else value yourself, because you matter.
I wish you all the best Christmas you ever had.

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