Warning contains graphic images

Holocaust, Shoah, and Genocide are words that describe something that isn’t describable. The horrors are unfathomable.

Generally, I try to avoid horrific images and focus on personal stories. However, over time we need to be reminded, in graphic detail, of what humanity is capable of doing.

The Nazis murdered on an industrial scale between 1933 and 1945. It was in 1942 they ramped up the operation. It is easy for us to judge what happened then, and yes, we should seek justice. But in 2023, we still haven’t learned the lessons despite knowing the history. Antisemitism is rising again, and far-right and far-left political views are gaining popularity.

The Holocaust was the greatest scale of genocide ever to have been committed, but it is not the only one.

Sometimes we have to be confronted with the results of listening to learn what is the wrong message.

We have no excuse. We have all the tools to our disposal to determine what a good or bad message is.


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