Epic Rock-Episode 7: Whitesnake-Still of the Night

History of Sorts

“Still of the Night” is a song by the Rock band Whitesnake. It was released as the first single from their self titled 1987 album.

“Still Of The Night”

In the Still of the Night
I hear the wolf howl, honey
Sniffing around your door
In the Still of the Night
I feel my heart beating heavy
Telling me I gotta have more

In the shadow of night
I see the full moon rise
Telling me what’s in store,
My heart start aching
My body start a shaking
And I can’t take no more, no, no

Now I just wanna get close to you
An’ taste your love so sweet
And I just wanna make love to you
Feel your body heat…

In the Still of the Night…
In the Still of the Night…
Over here baby…

In the heat of the day
I hang my head down low

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