Epic Rock Ballads-Episode 1: Open Arms by Journey

History of Sorts

“Open Arms” is a song by American rock band Journey. It was released as a single from the Heavy Metal soundtrack and their 1981 album, Escape. Co-written by band members Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain, the song is a power ballad whose lyrics attempt to renew a drifting relationship. It is one of the band’s most recognizable radio hits and their biggest US Billboard Hot 100 hit, reaching number two in February 1982.

When Jonathan Cain first presented “Open Arms” to the Babys, it was not received with, well, open arms. So he shelved it for another time.

“My understanding is that he had most of it sketched,” former Journey frontman Steve Perry later told Jeb Wright. The two had been discussing song ideas one day at Perry’s house, not long after Cain left the Babys for Journey.

As Cain recalls, Perry was interested in writing a different kind of…

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