World War II in Photos

History of Sorts

A young lady who survived the atomic bomb in Nagasaki, Aug 1945.

Rms Queen Elizabeth Returning 15,000 Soldiers To New York At The End Of Ww2 1945. The Ship Was Not Overcrowded, Soldiers Simply Ran To The Deck As They Arrived

A soldier sharing his lunch with a goat, Saipan 1944

Albina Mali-Hočevar, a Slovenian fighter who was wounded several times. She was wounded twice at 17.She was wounded again by an exploding mine three days after her 18th birthday. She continued fighting and working as a nurse for the rest of the war. She lived until the age of 75.

A German woman sitting alone with her dog and all her belongings in the ruins of Cologne, 1945.

Goodbye kiss at Penn Station, NY, between a soldier and his loved one, and no assurance he ever comes back. 1944.

Pilots of the Women’s Auxiliary Ferry Squadron at Long Beach…

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