Jerry Himmelfarb—“What a Jewish G.I. Thinks About Aid to Europe’s Needy”

History of Sorts

Jerry Himmelfarb was a GI from Buffalo, New York. He wrote this letter to his Rabbi, about his experiences. It os one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever read

Jerry, serving with the U.S. Army in Germany, wrote to Rev. Harry H. Kaufman, Cantor of Temple Beth El, telling of what the J.D.C. is accomplishing in alleviating the desperate plight of his Jewish brethren in Europe. The letter, in full,below.

May 15, 1945

Dear Cantor:

You’re going to find this a strange letter. I think, perhaps, you will not understand why I write such a letter – until after you have read it. I have written my parents a similar story. Now I write you – for a little different reason. You’ll see what I mean some pages from here.

The Seventh Army has authorised us to write – has allowed us to say – that we’re in…

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