Letter from a Bishop to the Reichsminister.

History of Sorts

No one can deny that the Roman Catholic church, and especially the Vatican. has a lot to answer for when it comes to their part in the Holocaust.

However there were Catholic clergy men who did speak out to the Nazi regime and many of them paid the ultimate price for that.

Antonius Hilfrich was a German priest and Roman Catholic Bishop of Limburg, Germany.Amid 1941 Catholic protests over Nazi euthanasia led by Bishop Clemens August von Galen of Münster, Hilfrich wrote to Franz Gürtner, the German Minister for Justice, to denounce the murders, calling them an “injustice that cries out to heaven”

Below is the translated version of that letter.

The Bishop of Limburg

“Limburg/fiahm, 13August 1941

To the Reich Minister of Justice

Regarding the report submitted on July 16 (sub. ZV,pp.6-7) by the Chairman of the Fulda Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Dr. Bertram, I consider it my duty…

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