They Hadn’t Seen or Heard Anything Related to Nazi Crimes

History of Sorts

Victor L. Wegard was a war crimes investigator on the personal staff of Gen. George S. Patton in North Africa and Sicily. He participated in the liberation of the Flossenberg concentration camp, collected evidence against suspected war criminals and worked on a team assigned to defend alleged war criminals during the Dachau war crimes trials in 1945.

His investigation took him to a town near Flossenbürg called Nammering. The locals claimed” they hadn’t seen or heard anything related to Nazi crimes.” This is his recollection

“We Hopped back into our jeeps, continued on N14 about a mile outside of Nammering. Then we got hit with a stench the likes of which I never want to face again. Rotted corpses. We stopped the jeeps. We took a look along the edge, both sides of the highway. Fresh mounds of earth was running for maybe a hundred yards. The Old Man got…

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