Gottlieb Hering—Pure Evil

History of Sorts

I could nearly do a whole blog on how inappropriate this evil man’s name is, Gottlieb translates to God Love. I doubt that very much.

Gottlieb Hering had been involved in the T4 program, and later on was the 2nd and also the last commandant of the Belzec extermination camp.

After Action T4, Hering was posted briefly to the Sicherheitsdienst in Prague in June 1942, and was then transferred to Operation Reinhard in Lublin, Poland. He replaced Christian Wirth as commandant of Bełżec extermination camp at the end of August 1942. He served as the camp’s commandant until its closure in June 1943. The Nazis commenced construction of Belzec in November 1941, as a result of Aktion Reinhard – the Nazi plan to exterminate two million Jews in the Generalgouvernement. In total, 600,000 people, mostly Jews and a few hundred Gypsies, were murdered at Belzec.

Both commandants ,Wirth and Hering…

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