The Murder of Sophie van Tijn

History of Sorts

Sophie is the girl on the left in the above picture. It would have been her 90th birthday today. She was born on March 16, 1932 in Amersfoort. She was transferred via Kamp Vught to Camp Westerbork on 23 May 1943. There were another 1172 people on that transport. 1171 Jewish Dutch citizens and one other, possibly a Roma or resistance fighter.

This is the age breakdown of that transport.

From Westerbork,Sophie and her family were deported to Sobibor on 8 June 1943 – with transport number 68. It was transport 68 from Westerbork but it was Transport 15 to Sobibor.
On June 8, 1943, the 15th train left from Westerbork to Sobibor. On this train, there were 3017 persons. It was the train of the notorious Children’s Transport. The lives of all 3017 men, women and children aboard this 15th transport, ended in Sobibor on the 11th of June…

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