Lindbergh’s Loyalties

History of Sorts

The picture above was taken in October 1938, Lindbergh received a silver cross from Herman Göring the then 2nd highest Nazi official.

Below is part of timeline of the Holocaust up to that point.

January 30

Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany

March 22

Dachau concentration camp opens

April 1

Boycott of Jewish shops and businesses

April 7

Laws for Reestablishment of the Civil Service barred Jews from holding civil service, university, and state positions

April 26

Gestapo established

May 10

Public burning of books written by Jews, political dissidents, and others not approved by the state

July 14

Law stripping East European Jewish immigrants of German citizenship

May 31

Jews barred from serving in the German armed forces

September 15

“Nuremberg Laws”: anti-Jewish racial laws enacted; Jews no longer considered German citizens; Jews could not marry Aryans; nor could they fly the German flag

November 15


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